Monday, January 19, 2015

Short Movie Review: Left Behind (2014)

While Left Behind fails in just about every way--script, acting, cinematography, production values, music, etc--its greatest fault lies in the fact that it doesn't fail enough to be entertaining.  It is a stale plain saltine of a movie that is dull from the title screen to the credits.  It doesn't even manage to conjure the unintentionally hilarious, lovably naive earnestness of other similarly bad Christian films, instead evoking feelings of hopeless nihilism when it actually manages to evoke anything at all.  As flawed as movies like Fireproof are, at the very least they leave you with a positive, uplifting message.  

Even the usually entertaining Nic Cage seems to have had the life sucked out of him.  It's a cold, energy-less, lugubrious grind.  An experience that is neither good, nor awful enough to masquerade as good.  An ugly, stupid, depressing, misguided waste of everyone's time.

A bad film.